The conflict between man and his search for purpose. How meaningless and insignificant all of us are, how small and pointless everything seems. These thoughts reveal themselves erratically but as individuals we tend to know that they're always present. How easy it must be to reject, turn to nihilism and never look at what all life can bring. To not recognize Absurdity is fear, and fear is death.

The idea that at any given moment we can question everything and realize we know nothing except for what we see through our own human experience in that specific moment is the Absurd. When one is able to recognize this absurd and embrace it for what it is, it can lead to rebirth in thought, an everlasting journey seeking to find meaning.


Standing face to face looking down the barrel of absurdity can the individual take the leap of faith? The all purposeful spring into a spiritual belief backed by ones passion, which is the only evidence behind those beliefs. 

It is rational to act only on what is available to us through our human experience.


The absurd hero's refusal to hope becomes his singular ability to live in the present with passion - Albert Camus