The Stygian Room is a metaphor for the unconscious aspect of the ego in which we refuse to identify ourselves. The shadow, the unknown. The undermining thoughts that we run from, reject or intentionally remain ignorant to. Only by becoming conscious of these thoughts, traits and faults can we overcome and take corrective measures to improve. The struggle we must overcome is to retain awareness of the shadow without falling victim to it. The less it is embodied in our conscious life the bigger it will grow to surround our psyche and the blacker and denser it will become. The acknowledgement of the shadow, The Stygian Room must be a continuous process throughout one's life. To get through to light you must grow to understand the dark and become one with it, making you whole. 

Do you have the courage to face yourself? To question yourself? To seek to be aware of the things that go on around you internally and externally? Questions must be asked in order to be answered.